How to Convert and Burn Video to DVD?

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Super DVD Creator is a world-known DVD conversion and authoring tool, it was designed to convert and burn AVI, WMV, DivX, Xvid, RM, RMVB, Asf ,VOB, MPEG-1/2, MOV(quick time), MP4, 3GP files to DVD VCD SVCD, Super DVD Creator is the easy way to create your DVD VCD SVCD video disc with DVD Menu and DVD subtitles(*.srt).

You can use this software to create DVD/VCD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded files. Super DVD Creator is a powerful, splendid and simple to use application for AVI Rm Divx Wmv Asf RM to DVD video converting and burning. Super DVD Creator is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and personalized DVD, VCD, SVCD Creating experience.

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How to Convert and Burn Video to DVD with Super DVD Creator?

Step 1 Run Super DVD Creator
Super DVD Creator Run Super DVD Creator the main interface will pop up. Please click "DVD Disc Builder" button to enter the second step.
Step 2 Set up source clips (Add Subtitle)
Super DVD Creator
2. 1 >

Add source Click "Add Files" button to add source clips(include all video formats) into source list. You can add more than one clips at one time if you need. You can move up/down or delete aim clip in the list. All the add, delete, move up, move down operations are equal to right-click on the aim clip.

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2. 2 >

Add subtitle right-click on aim clip in the clips list and choose "Add Subtitle File" to add Subtitle file. You can choose subtitle language, subtitle font size for your favorite DVD and save your setting in the last.

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2. 3 > Check "Create DVD Menu" the next step is DVD Compiler, otherwise, is DVD Burner.
Step 3 DVD and menu compiler
Super DVD Creator After entering the "DVD AND MENU COMPILER" clips will be shown on the preview area. You can drag every clip to everywhere in preview area. you can choose background picture in the list or use your own picture to personalize your DVD background.

After your DVD menu has been made, click"next" to step 4, and burn the video files with subtitle and DVD menu to a new DVD disc.

Attention: DVD menu mustn't be overlapped.

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Step 4 DVD builder (video disc builder)
Super DVD Creator
4. 1 >

Output folder is very important for Super DVD Creator 9.8, the software needs saving some files when converting and burning . The target DVD will be saved in the Output folder which you could choose to directly burn to disc next time. So you have to make sure that there is enough free disk space in your hard disc . Generally speaking , to create a 4.2G DVD you need free disk space more than or equal to 4.2

4. 2 >

Select writable DVD Driver and inset a blank DVD disc.

4. 3 > Select the output DVD format. The resolution of DVD film is NTSC or PAL.
4. 4 >

Click "Start" button to begin conversion and burning task. If you can not start the burning task, please check your burner whether It is ok or not. Having chosen your output folder, the output DVD will be saved in the output folder before you burn it to disc.

After you have set all options for your DVD, press the "Start" button. Then you will successfully get your first DVD. 
attention: If you click "Stop" button during burning your disc will be damaged. If you insert DVD + /-rw which is written,you should click "Erase" button to erase it before burning. if you forget this operation Super DVD Creator will automatically erase it before burning.


4. 5 > It is time that you enjoyed your DVD.

Detail of "Add Source"
Add video files. All formats are supported. Delete selected clip from list.
Move up the clip order in DVD playback Move down the clip order in DVD playback. Arrange clips order in your favorite DVD.
Parameters setting(default value recommend). Choose DVD disc capacity. DVD - 9(8200MB) and DVD - 5(4300MB)

Super DVD Creator - Excellent Video to DVD Converter
<1> Define Duration
You can move the slider under the preview window. Left slider define the start time and right slider define the end time. You can type start time and end time into edit box also.

<2> Snapshot
Capture current frame and save it to your PC (*.jpg or *.bmp).

<3> Set start time and end time.

Super DVD Creator - Excellent Video to DVD Converter Image ratio setting:
There are two options supported by Super DVD Creator.
  • 16:9 ( for wide screen TV )
  • 4:3 (for standard TV )

    Auto add Letter Box
    Letter box and keep the original image scale. We suggest you always add letter box to the target file. If you did not add the letter box ,the output file may lose the original image scale.
    Create DVD menu
    High lighted this option and you will create a menu for Output DVD disc.
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    Detail of "Add subtitle"

    Two ways to add subtitle

    1. Right-click on selected clip, choose Add Subtitle File, then enter Subtitle Property Window to add and set Subtitle file. You can choose subtitle

    language (this language must match subtitle files language, if not, your DVD will show odd code in subtitle area. )and subtitle font size for your favorite DVD. Clickbutton to add subtitle(*.srt) file. if you want to delete it please click. When all is finished, clickto save your setting, or click to close the window.


    Click entry "Subtitle Property Window". Following operation is the same as the first way. When all is finished, the Add Subtitle button will change to this

    Attention: If the subtitle language do not match the *.srt files language, your DVD Will show odd code in subtitle area.

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