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Super DVD Creator - all-in-one DVD creating and burning software

Super DVD Creator can create high quality DVD for you. It supports DVD menu and subtitle. You also can burn DVD folder or VOB file to DVD disc with it. Here list the main guide of how to use Super DVD Creator.

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How to use Super DVD Creator?

How to Convert and Burn Video to DVD?

How to build DVD from VOB?

How to create DVD from Quick Time?

How to create DVD from Windows Media Video?

How to create DVD from WebCam?

How to Create NTSC DVD?

How to Create PAL DVD?

How to burn DVD disc?

How to Burn VCD?

How to Burn SVCD?

How to convert MPG to DVD?

How to Burn DVD Folder to DVD disc?

How to Convert PAL to NTSC?

How to Convert NTSC to PAL?

How to use Super DVD Creator?

How to create and edit chapter menu?

How to create DVD menu?

How to create DVD to HD?

How to create DVD to hard disc?

Options of Super DVD Creator

How to add subtitles to DVD?

How to set starting and ending point?

How to convert video to VOB?

How to convert Video to MPEG?

Advanced Setting of Super DVD Creator

Main screenshoot

Super DVD Creator screenshots

Order Super DVD Creator full Version  Order Super DVD Creator full Version ($29.90)

User's Review

Excellent program that works like a charm.
Reviewer: ozgal
Pros: Very user friendly program. It runs in the background while I run other programs and has not crashed once! I also leave it to run when I go to bed and wake up to find a newly created DVD for viewing. Very pleased with this program and I have used quite a few others.

Very good software for video dvd creating
Reviewer: James KVr
Pros: This software is the final to give my money . it is very good,fast and good picture quality

I have tried many and many dvd maker software,some slowly some bad picture quality,someone crashed my PC. But this software is the final one I give money $29.9.I am a happy user .this software has a clear user interface,you want to do it ,you can easy do it. if you want to create a DVD from Avi and WMV even the rm files maybe this product is the last one you download.

Easy to learn and use
Reviewer: ro320ha
Pros: Able to burn to DVD in just a few a few clicks. Very simplistic which is what I wanted. I did not need a masters degree to work it. No problems or errors so far.

Thelt best DVD converter you can buy!
Reviewer: Rob
I have purchased this program and I am very happy with my results. It can convert a full DivX movie in under 30 minutes! I'm very impressed.
Has a good feature list, very intuitive interface - everything is done with a few clicks.
Produces DVDs with excellent quality and handles correctly every video format that I've tried.
For this price it's hard to believe what a high quality you get.

evnflow :
hello...i know that this is primarily regarding Nero, but there is also another software program that is very helpful in swapping over AVI, DIVX, etc. to DVD format and from PAL to NTSC and vice's "Super DVD Creator 8.5" it's really a program you are supposed to buy but they have trial versions available for download......
i have both Nero and dvd creator and if i have trouble with NERO i swap over to DVD creator and vice versa...just my two cents, holla ;)

Super DVD Creator Awards

Super DVD Creator Awards

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